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Delivery Platform

The Sales Success Playbook has been developed for companies that rely on their sales force to achieve their long-term vision.

On our home page we refer to the flaws that plague so many of today’s training programs.  A bit dramatic, maybe, but when you consider the billions of dollars spent each year by companies like yours on corporate training with poor results it is a significant problem. I will let you Google why corporate training programs fail. You will find the top 5 to 10 reasons are consistent across most surveys.

Many of the flaws that have been identified by numerous studies exist because of how the training is delivered not the content. As adults we still need a structure to learn as we did when we were younger although the structure to teach adults is somewhat different than children.

The Sales Success Playbook addresses the flaws identified by first applying the Adult Learning Theory, developed by Malcolm Knowles, to its teaching process. Additionally, it enhances the adult learning experience by including crucial steps before and after the initial teaching of the subject matter to create a comprehensive learning and development system, which we refer to as the delivery platform. Standalone events such as a stand-and-deliver classroom setting or an on-demand webinar or a book will not have the same long-lasting impact for the majority of adults that a learning experience has which incorporates the introduction of material, deliberate discussions, on-demand reinforcement and intentional coaching.  The difference is immense measured by understanding, retention and most importantly, application.  This may sound like a program that will take valuable time away from the sales efforts. On the contrary as sales professionals and sales leaders ourselves we recognize the challenge to accomplish High Impact Activities and the tradeoffs that need to be made when new activities are added.  As you research flaws in today’s training programs the ability to dedicate time and most importantly focus is near the top of the list.  

The manager is a key contributor to the success of the Sales Success Playbook.  Training and coaching has always been a responsibility of the manager but unfortunately in today’s “lean” corporate environment the manager has been asked to take on more functions without providing them the tools to execute one of their most important roles, developing their team. Of all their roles, this one arguably is the only one that produces long-term benefits through all environments.  Our program enables managers to easily incorporate training and coaching into their routine by providing them with the necessary materials, guidance, and delivery platform.

Our program stands out from most others because we don't rely on forcing a wealth of knowledge into a single event. Instead, we spread our B.E.S.T. curriculum over 12 months, with a systematic introduction of material that addresses several flaws in corporate training identified over the years. The amount of information absorbed by individuals at any one time is limited. The ability to follow up and reinforce all that was presented is not practical.

A steady flow of relevant material allows the adult student to thoroughly focus on the subject matter presented. The manager is able to reinforce the material through peer discussion and one-on-one coaching opportunities. This monthly routine will begin to influence each team member establishing a culture of learning, a culture of continuous improvement.