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Working along side small and mid-size asset managers GOAL Consulting leverages our strategic planning, management and distribution capabilities to provide direction and support to our partners. Small and mid-size asset managers typically face three significant realities:

  • The clear disadvantage that small and midsize asset managers face compared to their larger brethren.
  • In many cases their products outperform the products offered by larger firms yet the better products are not getting in front of the financial advisor.
  • Well thought out plans addressing internal and external influences as well as identifying short term and long term goals are not being created early enough in the process if at all.

Creating strategies to effectively counteract the effects of these three observations are at the forefront of the services we deliver and our commitment to our partners and the advisors that are entrusting us to present them the best investment solutions available.

As a trusted partner, GOAL Consulting works side by side our asset managers, offering expert, objective advice and solutions to help solve their most important and complex distribution challenges. Through our consulting arm our insight, deep experience and market leading capabilities enable us to build comprehensive strategic plans that are focused on our partners' ultimate goals. Our marketing and distribution arm provides our product partners with a low cost, high quality solution that will allow them to compete with larger firms.

GOAL Consulting Group

GOAL Consulting Group

Our partnership includes:

  • Comprehensive or needs based strategic planning
  • Sales organization design
  • Sales organization evaluation including tools, processes and metrics
  • Sales staff training and coaching
  • Sales management
  • Product design, product evaluation and product positioning
  • Presentation design and presentation training
  • Branding, marketing and communications
  • Value-add speakers
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Product Partner Distribution Group

Product Partner Distribution Group

Our partnership offers:

  • Greater sales activity than many under-resource in-house solutions
  • Distribution expense generally lower than many in-house solutions
  • Proprietary like sales force
  • Sales team focused on your product
  • Experienced and proven sales partner
  • Associations with quaity investment managers
  • Increased credibility with advisors
  • Transparency of activity and expenses
  • Allows you to grow into your desired structure
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