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Product Partner Distribution Group

Small to mid size asset managers with top performing investment solutions have long struggled with building a cost effective distribution model that will allow them to compete with their larger brethren. Without such a model, a smaller less visible asset manager is at a clear disadvantage even when the smaller asset manager has a superior investment solution to offer the advisor ultimately preventing the advisor from offering the best solution to their clients.


The three objectives of the Product Partner Distribution Group is to address the high cost of entry of the asset manager, the quality of the delivery platform of the small and mid-size asset manager and finally the quality of the products being offered to the advisor. We understand that we represent our partners. We also believe that it is our responsibility to provide the best solutions available to the advisors that work with us.

The Product Partner Distribution Group helps a top performing asset manager to compete with larger managers by utilizing the cost effective disciplined strategy of the Product Partner Distribution Group.

Product Partner Distribution Model

Trust through transparency and results through discipline is our commitment to each of our Product Partners. Our partnership delivers

  • Greater sales activity than many under-resourced in-house solutions
  • Distribution expense generally lower than many in-house solutions
  • Proprietary like sales force
  • Sales team focused on your product
  • Experienced and proven sales partner
  • Association only with quality investment management organizations
  • Increased credibility with advisors
  • Transparency of activity and expenses
  • Allows you to grow into your desired structure

Benefits to our product partners

Our product partners will benefit with greater visibility, increased sales and improved budget management.

  • Your long term success – Our ultimate goal is our product partner's long term success. Understanding the front line demands and their resource limitations we partner with our asset managers to build a long term solution always keeping their vision in mind.
  • Execution – We employ a strict repeatable process that is built on our goals-based strategic approach. This provides both results and 100% transparency for our product partners.
  • Resource management- Too much to soon or too little to late are two of the most common mistakes in the build-out phase of any business. Through our unique structure the Product Partner Distribution Group focuses on high impact activities and maximizing resources providing our partners a cost effective results oriented delivery platform.
  • Integrity - We will always represent our partners as we represent ourselves with the highest level of professionalism and integrity.
  • Partnership – A strong working relationship with our partners is the cornerstone of the Product Partner Distribution Group. We emphasize results, teamwork, trust, respect and communication.