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It's contagious!

| July 28, 2022

Selling in tough times.

During these volatile times it has come to my attention that sales managers and individual sales reps need a higher level of support then they have in the past eight years.  Front line sales professionals, be it field sales or internal sales, need to be at the top of their games no matter what environment we are in. Then there are those times that we call unprecedented. The reality of unprecedented times is they are not. History does repeat itself or at the very least it rhymes. What's my point? 

High performing sales professionals have come to expect that conditions change, sometimes on a micro level and other times on a macro level.  Today, we are experiencing an environment where we can expect more distractions, greater resistance and higher rejections.  So what have we learned from the past?

As individuals, we need to take care of ourselves, physically and mentally.  This is not an uncommon cry in this COVID era. We have either been told this or we have told someone this obvious but often back burner habit.

Sales Managers, on your next team call provide your team a list of good sales habits.  On this call only focus on the ones that reinforce positive thinking during these “unprecedented” times. Walking into a sales meeting or making a sales call with a genuine positive demeaner is contagious.