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Sales Team

Improved sales performance by entire team

Increased sales confidence

Increased team collaboration

Improved individual sales rep engagement

Enhanced customer relationships

Increased efficiency

Improved budget management

Sales Leadership

Increased problem solving ability

Improved employee retention, especially top talent

Agile sales team adapting quickly to market conditions and unforeseen challenges

Increased revenue

Improved sales forecasting

Clearer understanding of customer needs and trends

Firm Wide

Culture of continuous improvement, contagious across the entire firm

Greater business resilience

Increased adaptability

Strong bench to promote from

Future leaders to lead other areas of the firm

A shared purpose and commitment to excellence


Addressing the historical flaws of corporate learning.

   The material being learned is seen as relevant and easily applied.

  ✓ Time pressures are minimized providing for greater focus on the subject being taught.

  ✓ Out-of-field time (opportunity cost) is minimized.

  ✓ No data overload. The amount of material being introduced at one time is not overwhelming.

  ✓ A steady release of material balancing time and content so that effective follow-up and reinforcement can be           done.

  ✓ Buy-in is achieved by peer support, immediate satisfaction and applicable subject matter.

  ✓ Structured so that immediate application is easily accomplished.

  ✓ Material is well organized.

  ✓ Verification is built into the process.