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Welcome to GOAL Consulting LLC

Our mission is to turn sales reps into Sales Professionals and sales managers into Sales Leaders.

We are addressing the flaws that plague so many of today’s training programs by reimagining the delivery platform (training process) so the behaviors and skills needed to excel in the sales profession are easily introduced, learned and then applied after the training.

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We have identified four major categories: Behaviors, Emotions, Skills and Trust (B. E. S. T.) that are essential to understand and master in order to become a sales professional. In each category there are several subjects and between the categories there are considerable interdependencies.  Our training curriculum focuses on these areas and their interdependencies while blending the teachings of the top sales trainers of the past four decades. Our delivery platform is built on the science of adult learning and utilizes the technologies of today so that the B. E. S. T. curriculum is absorbed, retained and applied.

Leadership is critical to the success of any team. We work with managers, providing them with the tools, materials and coaching throughout the team training process to groom them into effective coaches and strong leaders.

When your sales reps and sales managers master these categories, they will understand and have the ability to execute the high-impact activities that are the keys to their long-term success.  

When your sales team is comprised of Sales Professionals and Sales Leaders, your company will have the high-performing sales team needed to achieve its long-term vision.

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