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GOAL Consulting Group

Our unique approach allows you to change your perspective in the planning process resulting in more clarity and confidence. In essence we look from the future to the present. Our partners begin to ask different questions, they look at challenges differently and they plan their days with their future company in mind.


The GOAL Consulting Group is a consulting boutique focused on investment management firms launching or relaunching investment product(s). Our specialty is comprehensive strategic planning, sales force design, marketing strategies and product structure. With over 25 years in the financial services industry our staff has tremendous insight into a wide range of distribution structures and a thorough understanding of the sales process and marketing strategies. We are well equipped to provide you with valuable advice on the most cost effective strategy and structure.

Our goal based approach allows our partners to grow into their ideal model and direct their precious resources to high impact activities throughout their growth. Our process provides an asset manager with a thorough understanding of their internal strengths and weaknesses and external opportunities and threats allowing them to be in control of their own destiny.

We believe our responsibility is not over when the plan is completed or even when the formal engagement has ended. Our sales and relationship management expertise, marketing experience and our vast network of specialists has allowed us to structure GOAL Consulting in a way that enables us to transition with our partners from the planning stage to the execution stage quickly and easily. After the active engagement is complete we continue to monitor our partners’ development and offer quarterly meetings with senior management to assess their plans and progress.

Our partnership includes:

  • Comprehensive or needs based strategic planning;
  • Sales organization design;
  • Sales organization evaluation including tools, processes and metrics to maximize sales force and sales management effectiveness;
  • Managing the execution of the sales strategy;
  • Product design, product evaluation and product positioning;
  • Presentation design and presentation training;
  • Sales staff evaluation, training and coaching;
  • Branding, marketing and communications;
  • Value-add speakers and timely topics.

Benefits to our partners:

We strongly believe that the asset managers we work with will benefit with increased sales and improved budget management.

  • Your long term success – Our goals-based strategic approach will develop a concise and an executable plan that is customized for your firm.
  • Execution – With our sales management and marketing experience as well as our vast network of specialists we are in a unique position to move with you from the planning stage to the execution stage.
  • Resource management- Considering your current resources we will work with you to develop a plan so that you grow into your ideal structure while maximizing your current resources.
  • Budget management- With a clear vision and disciplined process we will help you avoid costly mistakes.
  • Alignment – We will assist you in communicating to all stakeholders a shared vision.
  • Integrity - We will always work with the highest integrity and a strong desire to exceed expectations.
  • Partnership – We consider you our partner. This is reflected in our flexible fee schedules where a portion of our compensation will be tied directly to your successes. Our partnership is also apparent in our commitment to learn and understand your culture, your history and your products so that we are seen as an extension of your firm, a partner.